what is temp mail?

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In this article, we want to tell you what is Temp Mail and how you can get one easily under 5 minutes. There are many dispose temporary mail available that you can get some fresh email address and use it in the internet.

Imagine that you decided to download a new fresh special movie, and you are asked to enter your Email address. And for some reason you do not want to indicate your work address. Or just imagine that you register on some website for 5 minutes, or you need idle mail for a questionnaire in the store to receive a discount card - so that you can log in once and forget forever. At this point, it makes sense to have Temp Mail for 5 minutes.

That is, all those companies that sent me ads without demand - could you just give them addresses that work for several minutes?

Yes. For this reason, a Temp Mail was invented - so that you can receive a letter, for example, within a day, and no longer use such addresses.


How to get Temp Mail?

The hard way is to register a new box. The easiest way to do this today, for example, on Protectmyemail.net, there are many optional fields. But it will take at least 5 minutes. Or, as an option, use special Temp Mail services. yes, there are special sites where you can immediately get a box. No registration at all. And without a password.

And this situation with unsolicited advertising is so serious that there are special services of Temp Mail?

Yes, and this is becoming more and more relevant every day. Because when you give someone a mail, they will start sending you not only useful, but also promotional letters. And they can fall asleep. You must have come across this, and you know how to get these letters. For example, if you buy a template on templatemonster.com (as we did once), you will receive 13 emails from them with advertising and various questions and suggestions within 20 days. And may God grant them health that they stop doing this after unsubscribing, many do not allow this.


Why We Need To Have Temp Mail?

Because there are marketing companies that once received a mail address, no longer let a person out of their hands and continue to send and send letters. At the dawn of the Internet, this was decided by blocking individual domains or IP addresses, but now mailing is done through special services with whole "clips" of addresses, each of which sends hundreds of letters and changes. In general, disposable mail is a great way to protect your main mailbox from unnecessary garbage. Both on the Internet and when filling out paper forms in stores. Therefore, it is good practice to use temporary or one-time mail every time you can do this. Moreover, it is very simple and convenient - even sometimes faster than checking your own mail.


Which Website Provides Temp Mail?

There are not so few of them, for example protectmyemail.net, temp-mail.org, mailforspam.com, 10minutemail.com, dropmail.me, crazymailing.com, guerrillamail.com and so on.


How it works?

Let's look at an example of sites like Protectmyemail.netLinks to an external site. . When you go to this address, you immediately fall into your new mailbox, the address of which is in the header. This language is randomly created by this service. It can be copied and used right away. If you visit this site in a day, you will immediately be taken to the mail check page in this box. No need to remember anything, enter a password, etc.

In new version of protectmyemail.net you can pick a custom username at first which is a really nice feature.

temp mail


If you want, you can click on the "New" button and make a mailbox convenient for you - and immediately get into the mailbox with that name. That is, a password is not needed, you just need to come up with a name for the mail. All these boxes are periodically cleared, but if you choose popular names - like, for example, Vasya @, then you can meet other people's letters. And yours, sent to Temp Mail, can also be met by a couple of hours, if you have not come up with something original in the name.


What's next With Temp Mail?

Next, just go to where you are asked for mail, and indicate the invented address. Then check the box, see the letter and either forward it to your main mail, or just close the window. All. If someone sends ads, then even robots will not read it.


What is the difference between all these Temp Mail services?

The usual service of Temp Mail does not allow sending messages (or it only allows forwarding received somewhere). Some do not support pictures (protectmyemail.net support photos also ) . Some immediately give you a box with a complex name. Etc. Some services like mailforspam.com make it possible to check any mail. That is, you first indicate it somewhere, and then go look at the letter - you do not need to start anything in advance.

Where can I specify such a temp mail?

When registering in the forums; on dubious sites; with one-time orders in online stores; when filling out questionnaires on a discount card, where you definitely need mail - and generally wherever you simply do not want to indicate your main mailbox.

Can they not let me into the site with Temp Mail?

Yes, some site owners know that they are being tricked into doing so, and they are not allowed to register from well-known temporary addresses. Therefore, it is worth trying either the less popular one-time mail sites, or just go the long way and register a new box on one of the free services.


What is the benefit of those who have sites with Temp Mail? Do they read these posts?

Generally not. Website owners either show you ads near emails ( protectmyemail.net is fast and it does not show any ad ) , or study spam, that is, they look at what messages no one needs to delete them on normal mails. The logic is very simple - if no one has come to Temp Mail for a long time, and letters come, it means that with high probability they are an annoying advertisement. And if the same letters come to several temporary addresses at once, which no one uses, it means that you can safely not let them go to normal mailboxes on permanent mail services. It turns out a kind of trap for advertising.


What other tricks with temp mail do you need to know?

You should also know that your own mail can be supplemented by whatever words. All that needs to be done is to add anything through the plus. For example, letters to vasya@mail.ru and vasya+masha@mail.ru, and even vasya+megasuperdarkhacker13@mail.ru will be sent to vasya@mail.ru. And the plus itself, and everything after him before the “dog” - all this is ignored by the rules of mail processing. Try to send to your address with some word through a plus letter - you will see


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